Friday, August 24, 2012

The Internet Amazes Me

Ok, here is a quick post about how awesome the internet is.

Universities are putting videos, audio, and written materials from their courses online for free. It is staggering the amount of information that is publicly available. You can dabble in essentially any subject you want and pick up a pretty damn good introduction to that subject.

For example, you could listen to lectures on early modern German history. Or maybe brush up on your early modern English history. The reference material available can inform your game world in so many ways.

Why are you still buying splatbooks?

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Bad Inspiration

Every time I get a stupid comment on this blog, it inspires me to pick it back up and write again. Then I realize that discourse online is such a joke. Well, it is a joke face to face much of the time as well, but at least civility persists when you are within arm's length of your interlocutor.

Either way, I looked over the attrition spreadsheet and realized it has a logic error. It always assumes that the high is "hot" and the low is "cold". If you were adventuring in cold climates, the low and the high could very well be below freezing, but the calculation for the high temperature would return 0 damage since it is looking for high apparent temperature. That is fixed now and the link to the right is updated; each calculation will check to see if the apparent temperature is high or low and use the correction equation.