Friday, September 4, 2009

Anthawk Background

Well, after an 8 year absence from playing D&D, I've started up again.

Either way... I've fallen in with a local group out of Rock Hill and they agreed to let me DM. We are playing with the 1e AD&D rules, just using the basic books and classes. So I guess I will try to chronicle what happens here.

The players are younger than I, being between 18 and 21. Not a really big gap, but we're talking at least one generation. I grew up on 2e and these guys grew up with 3e or 3.5 or 3.whatthefuckever. The gap in perspective is large, as I lean towards a 1e mentality more than a 2e mentality (at least, I do in these times). We'll see how this all plays out

We've played one session already, August 23rd. Trying to embrace Winninger's advice, I don't really have a campaign world set up at this point, only creating what is absolutely necessary. I've cobbled together the Melford line of adventures created by Stuart Marshall from Dragonsfoot and smashed them into a starting area. Hopefully, this will serve as a base of operations for at least 2-4 sessions and allow the PCs and I to get used to our styles. Plus, this will hopefully get the PCs past 1st level, or at least chew through enough characters to get a good group assembled. Then we will move on to a larger world.

The campaign setting I am envisioning will be based on Greyhawk, but that setting will be changed in absolutely any way I see fit. I think Melford will be situated south of the Kron Hills, allowing a close proximity to Hommlett for a shift to T1 in the near future. I will heavily edit that adventure to create a sandbox with the ToEE as a central piece, but not the focal point of a dungeon crawl. Then maybe sequence into the supermodule.

Well, that's the setup.

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