Thursday, February 18, 2010

Current State of Affairs

The upcoming blog of the September 6th session with me as DM was the final meeting of the first band of stalwart PCs. This session ended my involvement with this group out of Rock Hill until December 09. At this point, I was personally very frustrated. I had just finished the 3rd 3.5 game as a PC and was not really enjoying myself. Sure, it felt good to be gaming again, but the 6 hour sessions were seriously grating. The amount of enjoyment was more centered around "Yay, D&D again!" rather than the game at hand. With this in my heart, gaming was quickly becoming less and less attractive. I took a week off from playing, then ran this session with the PCs. By the end of it, I was pretty discouraged even with DMing, precipitating my departure for almost 4 months.

Of course, after the December session, I haven't played since either, so another 2 months went by. While I've been hankering to DM some more, the pull to game is being outweighed by the massive amount of work that has to be done between my jobs and the house especially with Kathy working by day and at Grad school by night. I had built my December session off of the B-series module material, allowing me to generate campaign settings very time efficiently. However, giving up those 6 hours every Sunday is like giving up $100 in work from my writing job, or house and yard work that needs to be done and only piles up, or spending quality time with my wife.

Yea, boo hoo to me, I'm just soooo busy. Either way, it's tough to fit gaming in. Oh, how the halcyon days of being a teenager with more free time than I knew what to do with have passed me by...

Maybe it will come full circle again some day.

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