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S&W White Box: Session Four, 4/12/010

I missed another good session! Lots of fun dungeon dressing, weird ass magic effects, and no stinking kobolds! The next game is this upcoming Monday and my schedule is still clear...

SESSION FOUR (04.12.10)
Sunday the 16th of Coldeven, CY 576

Galathos the Warrior (2nd level Fighting-Man)
Old Man Halgron the Adept of St. Cuthbert (2nd level Cleric)
Fen Sen the Seer (2nd level Magic-User)
“Frahnk” the hired lantern-bearer

Our story is rejoined with Galathos and Old Man Halgron gratefully accepting the returned Fen Sen. However, the whereabouts of Gloin was still unknown. Galathos was so happy to see Fen Sen that he gave him a vial filled with spider ichor and venom, thinking that it might be useful in magical research or for a spell component. Fen Sen thought this was quite an odd thought for one such as Galathos to have. After catching Fen Sen up on their recent travails the threesome continued exploring.

Unfortunately, the first door the party came to- the one marked with an “X” was trapped. Galathos discovered that the handle of the door was coated with some incredibly strong glue and he was unable to remove his gauntlet from the knob. Thanking his lucky stars that he wasn’t bare-handed he proceeded to forcibly remove the door handle from the door to regain his armored glove.

The trapped door revealed a large room with a mysteriously large copper coin lying on the floor in the center of the room. The copper coin was massive, certainly too large to have fit through the door. Curious, the party used a crowbar in an attempt to lift the coin up. Their ministrations succeeded in raising one half of the coin off of the ground but also released a foul smelling, poisonous odor. Halgron and Galathos both managed to choke through the cloud, but poor Frahnk succumbed to the gas and had to be dragged out of the room.

The next room the party came to contained a green-painted stone statue of a very attractive female. An equally attractive female voice sang out when the party entered the room, asking to be painted orange so that she could live and in return she would “freely give”. Perhaps illustrating why he was still a lowly member in the church of St. Cuthbert despite his advanced age, Halgron happily went to work painting the statue orange. Unfortunately when he was done with his work the same female voice again sang out, asking to be painted purple. Believing the statue painting exercise to be nothing but a time-waster the threesome moved on.

A chest was discovered in the next room. Galathos had apparently learned to practice extreme caution opening treasure chests, and a large sack filled with copper and silver coins was recovered with no incident. Quick thinking also yielded the group two electrum balls that had been hidden in the false bottom of the chest.

Proceeding into another room in search of the remaining goblins that had fled, the party was surprised to encounter a metal ring attached to the wall. Thinking it was another trap, like the one they had encountered previously that sprung a beheading blade, they decided to be cautious. Galathos hooked the ring with a grapple and after several heaves ripped the metal hoop off of the wall with no dangerous occurrences. Amidst a pile of sleeping blankets the party found a handful of copper coins, two silver coins, and one odd item. A stomach of some sort, possibly that of a sheep, had been sewed shut around some woolen cloth. Unsure of what the item signified the party moved on to the next chamber.

The next chamber contained another set of stairs descending to a deeper level of the dungeons and an overturned wheelbarrow. Fen Sen and Galathos proceeded to argue the merits of trying to use the wheelbarrow to haul loot around. It seemed that the magic-user was winning the argument, however when they turned the wheelbarrow over and pushed it made the most awful screeching noise. Deciding that they’d be better off without the noisy device, Galathos kicked it across the chamber.

Coming to an angled corridor, the party kicked in the door leading to a chamber filled with an oak wood table, four chairs, and a matching dresser. Ransacking the dresser yielded a comically painted jester doll that had been trussed up in a bag. Taking the doll with them, they continued on.

Another angled corridor led to another chamber, this one contained the ghostly image of a young boy sweeping the floor repetitiously. Upon their arrival the young boy sorrowfully asked if he could take a break, that he was very tired. Perhaps cranky from the statue of the female not coming to life to freely give, Old Man Halgron told the boy no- that the room was still dusty and needed more cleaning. Fen Sen and Galathos felt bad for the ghostly apparition and left the room closing the door behind them. They re-opened the door to find the same apparition, who again asked if he could take a break. They told him that he could, after which he thanked them and promptly disappeared.

Listening at the next door, the party heard a faint mumbling. Unable to open the locked door, the fighting-man poured some acid into the lock which weakened it enough to allow access into the room beyond. Kneeling in the center of the room with its back to the party was the figure of a man clothed in a fox pelt rocking back and forth. After ignoring the inquiries of the explorers, the man leapt to his feet after Galathos prodded him on the shoulder with his ranseur. The wildly unkempt man brandished his short sword and shield and backed away from the party. His eyes betrayed his wildness, his hair was uncombed, and his face was scratched up. The party tried to communicate in every language they knew, even offering the savage man food and water. With none of their attempts working, the magic-user decided to attempt to ensorcell the stranger to sleep. The crazed man shrugged off Fen Sen’s spell and charged the young magic-user. A protracted battle enfolded with Galathos, Halgron, and Fen Sen defeating the wild warrior. For their troubles they gained a gold comb, a ruby, and the warrior’s shield and short sword. The fox pelt was too badly damaged to be of much value.

The room beyond the door the wild man had been facing led to the biggest mystery the party had yet found. In the middle of the room a large metal sphere hovered two feet off the ground. The sphere hummed and gave off a glowing pale blue light. When Halgron and Galathos tried to view the sphere their heads were filled with wildly violent and disturbing images of themselves being attacked, ravaged, mauled, and killed. Despite Fen Sen’s admonitions, Galathos was too curious about the sphere. He ignored the unnerving images and approached the sphere, getting within range of his pole-arm. The fighting-man poked his ranseur into the sphere and a blinding flash of light filled the room. After blinking their eyes back into focus, the magic-user and the cleric find Galathos in a catatonic state. Unable to awaken the warrior, Fen Sen and Halgron leave him and head back through the corridors to retrieve the wheelbarrow. Not thinking to take the map with them, the duo was lucky to follow their path back to the hauling device and then back to Galathos.

After his eyes cleared from the blinding flash of light Galathos found that he was alone in a dark room. He tried to figure out where he was but was startled to find a group of four goblins entering his room. One of the cursing goblins was carrying a torch and served as a likely target, so the fighting-man hurled his hand axe into the torch-bearer’s chest. Drawing his flamberge apparently unnerved the goblins, as they dragged their fallen member with them back out the door which they loudly banged on repeatedly.

Halgron, Fen Sen, Frahnk, and Bill Harker returned to the room where they had left Galathos but were startled when he drew a hand-axe and buried it in Frahnk’s chest. Not listening to their cries the fighting-man drew his flamberge and readied him self to charge. Pulling the fallen lantern-bearer behind them they went back out the door and spiked it shut. Ministering one of the few remaining healing salves to Franhk, Fen Sen realized that he was likely going to have to find another lantern-bearer for their next trip; he doubted that Frahnk would likely be up for another go-around.

Retreating to the far side of the room, Galathos took shelter behind the far door and waited for the goblins to pour through. Peering around the edge of the door the fighting-man was horrified to see that the far door was bending towards him in a way that he previously hadn’t known was physically possible. Hearing unnatural demonic noises from the far side of the quickly approaching door, the warrior listened to reason and fled away from the room with the sphere. He ran away into a room with an odd collection of bent and twisted metal, with an odd piece of scorched glass hanging off the burnt metal frame. The next room Galathos ran into contained two large barrels filled with earth; dumping them out the warrior was rewarded with a sack of over a hundred small gems. Not hearing the demons anymore, the fighting-man returned to the room adjacent to the floating sphere and proceeded to take a nervous rest. After he recovered his wits, Galathos decided to again investigate the sphere- this time from a bit more of a distance.

Not knowing what Galathos was up to, and feeling very tired and exerted the party decided to return to the defendable room where they had acquired the clown doll. After resting up they again returned to where they had left the fighting-man. This time they discovered the room empty. Hearing a noise from the room with the floating sphere, Old Man Halgron nervously opened the door.

Halgron spied Galathos throwing hand axe after hand axe into the glowing sphere, apparently not noticing that the axes were not landing on the far side of the sphere. A great deal of confusion was had all around, and much deliberation was needed before everyone had figured out what had happened.

Galathos led the party back through the rooms he had fled through, making sure to neglect to mention the sack full of gems that he had found. Continuing on, they came to an odd door, one that in place of a normal door know had a handle down at the bottom running parallel to the floor. Realizing that the door lifted upwards, they entered the chamber beyond and found another stairwell descending into the darkness below. Old Man Halgron casually rooted through a pile of bones in the corner and discovered a teardrop shaped red gem which the party carefully placed in Fen Sen’s pack.

At this point, our band of fearless heroes huddled up and discussed what to do next.

Experience: 104 each (312 total)
Treasure: 0 gp, 105 sp, 350 cp; two small electrum balls, ruby, gold comb, 117 small gems, small tear-drop shaped gem
Encounters: one crazy warrior killed
Total Rooms Explored: 37

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