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S&W White Box: Recap Redux; Session Six, 5/24/10

Here is a session recap from our DM Bill in addition to the prior player log.

SESSION SIX (05.24.10)
Godsday the 25th of Coldeven, CY 576

Galathos the Warrior (2nd level Fighting-Man)
Old Man Halgron the Adept of St. Cuthbert (2nd level Cleric)
Fen Sen the Seer (2nd level Magic-User)
“Karhle” the hired lantern-bearer
“Harolde” the hired lantern-bearer

During the period of rest and recovery from their previous exertions below the Castle our band of intrepid adventurers each went their own way, promising to meet up again at the Green Dragon Inn to return for another expedition.

Galathos spent his time visiting such dangerous and dirty areas as the Slums, the Beggars’ Quarter, and the Thieves’ Quarter in search of some less than legal merchandise.

Gloin bid the party farewell for the time being, choosing to accompany some of his new-found drinking buddies on a cruise of the Nyr Dyv.

Fen Sen spent the majority of his time in Clerksburg and the University Area researching the parties’ found magical items. He also hired two husky men to serve as porters and lantern-bearers. Hopefully these two would remain in the employ of the party longer than poor Frahnk had.

Old Man Halgron made sure to purchase what he though was a sufficient variety of colors of paint and after a long night of “proselytizing” at various bars he returned to his room and came across the red teardrop gem and Fen Sen’s notes. Noting that the gem allegedly provided a magical effect when inserted in the nostril, the priest pushed the gem into his nose. The gem bored its way up his nasal passage and Halgron fell into unconsciousness from the pain. When he awakened, the priest discovered that he had the ability to see in the darkness out of his left eye. However, he found that bright lights and sunshine gave him intense headaches so he had a local clothier make him an eye-patch. Ever devout, Old Man Halgron had a silver holy symbol of Saint Cuthbert stitched onto the eye-patch.

Upon their return to the ruined upper works of the Castle the party was warned by the dwarven guardians of increased humanoid activity in the dungeons below and that a party of adventurers (consisting of two humans, a hobbit, and a female elf) had descended but never returned. Throwing caution to the wind, our party headed down into the darkness below.

In the entrance room to the Storage Rooms they were greeted by three staked bodies- two humans and one hobbit. The bodies appeared to be fairly recently deceased and all their clothing and belongings had been stripped. Again throwing caution to the wind, the heroes returned to the room with the painted female statue. This time they were ready with several colors of paint. Or so they thought…

After painting the statue purple as she requested, they were disappointed when she asked to be painted black. Cursing that they had not brought any black paint with them they sequestered the various paint jars in a chest nearby. Galathos and Fen Sen appeared to have gotten tired of the ensorcelled statue, with Old Man Halgron still hoping to paint her the right color and reap his reward.

Heading back through the hallways and corridors towards the Old Guard controlled section of the dungeons they were fired upon by crossbowmen hiding behind a shield wall on the far side of the pit trap. With Galathos and Harolde taking wounding hits, the party ducked behind cover and prepared some flaming oil. By the time they bombarded the shield wall with the oil the Old Guard had already fallen back. Nailing a wooden board Galathos had purchased at a hardware store in town over the pit for readier access, the party pressed on.

Finding the corridor covered in crushed and broken glass, they had to proceed carefully and slowly. Approaching the door to the large room where they had found the three sets of stairs, they were suddenly swarmed by a horde of unarmored kobolds. The heroes easily dispatched most of the dozen kobolds (one managed to flee, but suffered a dagger from Galathos in the back); the kobolds were armed with only chains which they clumsily and half-heartedly swung at the heavily armed and armored fighting man and cleric and the firebombing magic-user. As Galathos charged after the fleeing kobold, Fen Sen conjectured that the kobolds were prisoners of the Old Guard and supposed that they were being used as cannon fodder.

Halgron and Fen Sen continued on after Galathos and found the human warrior retrieving his club from the skull of the fleeing kobold. They chose to continue down the corridor where the kobold had been running, hoping it led to more enemies to fight or more treasure to loot.

Finding a large room with a statue surrounded by a pool of brackish green water Galathos and Halgron moved into the room to explore. As he started to investigate the water the fighting-man heard a buzzing coming from overhead. Looking up he was shocked to see four creatures resembling flying anteaters circling him. A vicious battle ensued, with two of the creatures locking onto Galathos- one at his shoulder/neck and the other on his arm, and one locking onto Fen Sen. The creatures struck deep with their long snouts and greedily drained blood from the two. Galathos managed to strike on of the creatures down, but could not manage to free himself from the second creature. Fen Sen attempted to cast a spell, but with the flying anteater sucking blood from his arm he failed to control the magical energy. Old Man Halgron desperately rescued Fen Sen from the jaws of death, killing the creature in the nick of time before Fen Sen passed on from this world. Freed of his attacker Fen Sen cast his remaining spell, and the creatures fell into a deep slumber. Finally finishing the rest of the creatures off, only gaining a few coins from exploring what appeared to be some tunnels the creatures used to access the surface, and not finding anything hidden in the statue the heroes had to bunker down and rest. They secured the door as best they could and spent two nights healing, resting, praying, and studying with the two porters standing watch.

Thanking their fortune for not being attacked by the Old Guard or more of the flying creatures they unblocked the door and headed back up north. Galathos and Halgron took the lead, their armored bulk shielding the two porters/lantern-bearers and Fen Sen. The magic-user began to notice that his soft leather shoes were getting soaked with some sort of liquid. He quickly explained this to the other two heroes, who had failed to notice this in their heavy boots. Faintly smelling oil they started falling back just as a torch was dropped through the doorway leading out of the corridor. The party fled back and had to wait for the flames to die down before they could proceed.

Once the fire had abated, they continued on and found the door secured shut. After breaking the door down they moved back into the large room, splitting up with Galathos and Halgron moving to secure the other doors. Old Man Halgron was fired upon, taking a crossbow bolt from a kobold hiding behind a partially closed door. Galathos wounded the sniper who fled, and secured the door. Halgron again tried to close off his door, and again was fired upon from the remaining partially open door. Leaving one of the porters behind to keep his door closed Galathos charged the second sniper and quickly dispatched the kobold. Now with the one western and two southern doors secured, the party moved through the eastern door.

Finding the room full of unarmored and chained kobolds and not wanting to combat it out, Fen Sen ensorcelled the group into a magical slumber. The door out of the room led to what appeared to be a cell and torture chamber. Continuing on the party discovered another cell, and then a room with an old and long abandoned iron brazier in the corner. After filling the brazier with oil and lighting it to no ill affect the party picked up a cracked stave they found on the floor and continued on.

The party continued east and then south down an incredibly long corridor coming across numerous doors. Trying to keep a watch for any enemies the party discussed in hushed tones which way to proceed next.

Experience: 133 each (399 total)
Treasure: 3 gp, 10 sp, 20 cp; cracked wooden stave with a carved serpent’s head, one of each- Old Guard chain mail, gorget, short sword, shield
Encounters: 1 Old Guard Regular, 4 stirges, 21 kobolds KIA
Total Rooms Explored: 47

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