Tuesday, May 10, 2011

At Death's Door

Due to a common complaint that the overland travel system for HP loss is prohibitive to low hp (N)PCs, I will add my houserule on death and dying.

When a character falls to 0 hit points or below in combat, they are considered Hors de Combat and can take no further actions. They will continue to lose 1 hp per turn (10 minutes) until 1 turn of medical assistance can be administered. After aid is administered, the character can act normally again. Magical healing will instantly prevent further hit point loss and enable normal action.

When characters are able to act and are at negative hit points, they receive a penalty of 1 to all stats per negative hit point. If any stat goes below 3, they are considered comatose; characters die when their hps reach their negative Constitution value. In addition, spellcasters lose the ability to cast when their prime requisite no longer reaches the minimum for their class.

Hit point loss from overland travel that brings a character to 0 hps or lower does not cause a character to be considered Hors de Combat, cause further hit point loss, or require medical assistance before the character may act again. However, penalties to statistics do apply as above.

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