What Is This?

Blog for a home brew historical D&D campaign set in Europe in 1618 on the eve of the Thirty Years’ War. This Early Modern Period campaign focuses on a sandbox style of play while integrating a historical pre-modern society with classic D&D fantasy tropes. The blog focuses on building a working game world and tweaking 1st edition AD&D game rules to combine playability with a strong nod to realism and history.

I am using a rule set that is based on Labyrinth Lord, Advanced Edition Characters, 1st edition AD&D, and OSRIC along with a slew of house rules. Look for the Rule Building label and World Building label to see how the rules and game world have formed.

I am currently still developing this campaign with no actual start date or group of players with which to run a game.

Feel free to leave any comments if this sort of thing interests you. Otherwise, it is a workspace to house my thought process.