Wednesday, July 21, 2010

S&W White Box: Recap; Session Nine, 7/19/10

On 2nd shift for this one, so I was not present...

Recollections of Fen Sen the Archmagus 9
It was the 6th of Planting and we’d just finished piling up the chests to take with us when we left when we heard a bit of a commotion and an Elven warrior in plate mail lugging a massive pike found himself staring at the business ends of our steel. He hailed Dantry, and we invited him to adventure with us as one’s defense cannot have a surfeit of warriors. Better that I share the spoils of adventure with several than not cash in at all. The concept would prove quite fortuitous the same day only a few hours later.
We discovered a statue of a middle aged woman holding an infant in the center of a large circular room. After making our basic preparations, spiking the door open and establishing a guard, the warriors attempted to shift the statue. While it did not budge, the slightest touch caused us to hear a woman singing a lullaby most loudly.
This was bound to attract the attention of the dungeons denizens thus we prepared ourselves. Nigh had we girded that a flock of those retched flying bloodsucking anteaters tried to approach. With only a minor wound to our newest addition, Galathos slew two with his long bow and I slumbered three more. The Old Man used his flail giving the foul beasts the righteous blessing of his god.
Over the next two hours we slew two monster ticks the size of adult cats, found a corridor connecting us with what had been Old Guard territory in the northeastern section of our map, discovered several traps, and begun a battle with miserable goblins.
After a lull several more goblins attacked, this time dropping mighty Galathos with two arrows to his heart. I saw and heard the crash of his plate mail encased body and feared the worst. We managed to defeat the raiders only a few minutes later.
The Old Man made to verify our comrade’s passing and discovered the faintest bit of life in our stout redheaded mad swordsman. The arrows to his heart were slowed by one of the heavy plates in his maille leaving them only lightly embedded in his ribs. The heads dislodged and removed, and both of St. Cuthbert’s daily blessings of healing spirit later our ranseur and flamberge wielding carnage dealer was somewhat hale.
With little monetary gain to show for our wounds we decided to ignore our adventuring party’s weakened state and finish exploring several chambers before returning to the City for some well needed rest and recuperation. We were most glad we did as within an hour, and without casualty, we had discovered a sack heaping with gold coins and twenty heavy lead bars. One of those bars had a thin layer of lead over gold.
Gathering up our discoveries we headed to the exit making sure to give the Clerics of Galanthor a suitable gift of 17 gold, 5 silver, and 6 copper coins.
As usual I planned upon giving another significant sum upon my return when our efforts had been rewarded.

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