Wednesday, August 11, 2010

S&W White Box: Recap; Session Ten, 8/9/10 PART 2

And here's a character write up from our resident Magic User, Fen Sen, played by Oscar:

Recollections of Archmagus Fen Sen 10
It was mid Planting in the year 576 after a week of rest and relaxation after our Xth expedition to the Ruins of Castle Greyhawk. The Old Man did not join us as he was serving penance for something having to do with some Elven noble. Some of the rumors told said Halgron used the Elf as a chamber pot although I doubt the veracity of such claims. In his place we accepted the kind offer of assistance from the Elven warrior mage Dantry. I believe to this day his mission handed down from his noble lord was to keep an eye upon the Old Man’s companions. Proof I have not.
Lacking St. Cuthbert’s benevolence we made sure to limit the noise of our adventuring. Well at least at first, until Galathos decided it was a brilliant idea to search for a concealed chamber where Gloin and Dantry swore none was present. Why is it we kept listening to the overly bold redheaded warrior?
The answer was, at the time, that the man was right once of every three crazy ideas, suggestions, and actions and the sum total of that once in adventure and coin earned exceeded our pain felt and blood spilt in the other two. Woe that had continued in such vain.
The better part of two hours were wasted with pick and shovel opening six holes a foot deep and wide into a wall. All revealed it was solid and finally the Ramseur and Flamberge wielding giant relented in his insistence.
We moved on and were ambushed by some well placed goblin archers. After making short work of them we encountered two giant snakes which we dispatched with arrows and my arcane. Later we discovered even more treasure, this time ensconced within goblin drums.
Finally we encountered a skeleton warrior bearing a golden necklace and a Warhammer. If that had not been strange enough, its bones had either been painted with the thinnest imaginable layer of silvered paint, or it had been dipped in same. We managed to give it its final death however not before it had mauled Gloin severely and given Galathos a nasty wound and dented both of their armor.
We returned to our rooms at the Green Dragon Inn and as the norm we enjoyed an evening of wine, spirits, song, and wenches. Also as my wont, my evening of carousing ended early followed by some very exciting time in my chambers with that very fair and comely librarian lass. Shame I cannot recall her name these many years hence for I should have liked to know her future even with the aspersions that ended our time together. I still maintain she was not nor could be involved in the theft of several valuable tomes from her employer.
The following morning, also as my wont I spoke and gestured the words and runes of power granting me the ability to detect the arcane upon our treasures. I truly expected nothing, yet discovered to my amazement both the Warhammer and a Purple Fletched Arrow bore the unmistakable bluish aura of ensorcelled items.
The following week was spent in research at the library for the usual fee of 100 gold coins. A steep fee at first glance, but a mere pittance considering the vast wealth of knowledge contained within. I recall paying the fee myself as the others found themselves tapped out recovering from their injuries, carousing far too much, and maintaining and repairing their armor and weapons.
Those were good times.

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