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S&W White Box: Recap; Session Ten, 8/9/10 PART 1

Here's a session I did make. Gloin is steadily gaining on 3rd level, I believe he's around 750 experience away. A couple big hauls and he's there...

We had a new player with us, named Brian, playing the Elf. I believe he played in a prior session I missed, but this is the first time I've played with him. He was very quiet and didn't say a whole lot. Hopefully, he enjoyed himself either way. Maybe after a couple of sessions he will feel more comfortable opening up.

Here's the write up from our DM, Bill:

SESSION TEN (08.09.10)
Waterday the 12th of Planting, CY 576
“The Storage Rooms”

Cast of Characters
Dantry the Elven Warrior/Seer (2nd level Fighting-Man, 2nd level Magic-User)
Fen Sen the Seer (2nd level Magic-User)
Galathos the Swordsman (3rd level Fighting-Man)
Gloin the Dwarven Warrior (2nd level Fighting-Man)
“Harolde” hired lantern-bearer/porter
“Karhle” hired lantern-bearer/porter
“Willim” hired lantern-bearer/porter
MIA: Old Man Halgron the Priest of St. Cuthbert (3rd level Cleric) was too busy repenting at the temple for his latest transgression

After receiving word that their fellow companion Old Man Halgron had sequestered himself in his temple to suffer penitence for the matter of the elven gentleman, the remainder of our fearless heroes trudged out of the Free City of Greyhawk towards the ruined Castle Greyhawk. Now bolstered by the addition of Dantry the Elven Warrior/Seer making his second foray the party quickly descended back down to the first dungeon level, the so-called “Storage Rooms”.

Heading back towards the circular chamber with the ensorcelled statue, they wisely (lacking Halgron’s healing magic) avoided touching the statue which had previously created all that attention grabbing commotion. The party proceeded to head east, then south towards unexplored territories. The first room they came to contained dusty furniture, a silver candelabra, a bowl full of ashes, a dented tin wine goblet, and a rusty dagger. Wondering if all magical daggers appeared as rusty items, they made sure to secure the found weapon before proceeding on. The other exit from the room led to a smaller room that was empty save for a wooden cradle with the letters “NG” carved into one side.

Moving on the explorers proceeded carefully into a third room, this one containing a corpse lying next to a chest and a cluster of two dozen large sticky eggs. With Fen Sen and Gloin watching the nest, Galathos and Dantry inspected the fallen adventurer and the chest. After deciding that the chest was not trapped and that the corpse had likely suffered a poisonous bite, Galathos carefully opened the chest and discovered a hefty quantity of coinage and nine sticks of incense. Despite Gloin’s advice to leave the nest of eggs alone the party decided to try and see if they could rouse anything. After stirring some snake activity with a thrown torch, Galathos found a use for the vial of cheap perfume that he had found while exploring. Breaking the vial open all over the snakes’ nest caused two giant snakes to slither out after the retreating party. Dantry and Galathos kept their distance peppering one snake with arrows, Gloin quickly retreated back out of the room, and Fen Sen dropped the injured serpent into ensorcelled slumber. After dumping and lighting oil in the doorway they fired on the remaining snake and tossed another flask of flaming oil onto it.

Feeling confident after easily dispatching the two giant snakes and collecting a fair bit of treasure without suffering any harm they proceeded east and came to a stuck door which Gloin dropped his shoulder into. The party found themselves staring across the room at a room full of goblins. The shocked goblins dropped their dice game, stumbled to their feet, and tried to draw their weapons as Gloin, Galathos, and Dantry charged into battle; with Galathos ruthlessly targeting the shifty goblin that spent more time pocketing the coins off the table than in readying himself for combat. Having the drop on the goblin party the adventurers quickly cut down four of the seven goblins. Two of the remaining goblins dropped their weapons but were cut down by the party anyway along with the one armed goblin.

After searching the goblin’s corpses, cots, and collecting the coins from the table they proceeded through the door out of the room. Taking the corridor west, they entered their fifth room of the foray. Finding only a wineskin and a quiver with a single arrow Galathos consulted his map and determined that their must be a secret chamber located behind one of the walls. Despite Gloin’s dwarven knowledge to the contrary, Galathos and Dantry went to work on the western wall with picks. Realizing the loud noises they were causing would likely attract some untoward attention the party secured the door to the room and hoped for the best. After finally admitting defeat in finding his “secret room”, Galathos gave up.

Gloin re-opened the door and the party was startled to see that the facing door was now ajar. Scared that something had heard the sound of their excavations and was now laying in wait the dwarven warrior crept around the corridor and tossed a torch down the hallway. Unfortunately for the dwarf a goblin archer drawing a bead on him took this fine opportunity to release two arrows, with one piercing Gloin’s leg. Galathos crashed through the open door while Gloin and Dantry charged the archer’s position. Galathos discovered another archer drawing on him but he managed to get across the room in time to severely cut the creature down. After the dwarf and the elf made short work of their foe the party covered the rest of the area and met back up in the sixth room.

In Galathos’ haste across the room he passed by four large clay jars that Fen Sen now investigated. Noting that each of the jars had a leather lid stretched over the opening he first thought they were drums, but quickly found that they were containers. Carefully exploring each one, he was delighted to find a gold necklace and even more coin. So far this trip was proving to be quite profitable. After packing away the new treasure they proceeded south to a locked iron door.

After spending much effort and time in bringing down the secured door, the party eventually found themselves in the open doorway of their seventh room. After seeing nothing in the room but a large quantity of sand Gloin strode through the threshold of the doorway and entered the room. As soon as he set foot in the room a silvery skeleton sprung up from the sand-pile. Wearing a gold necklace and wielding a wicked warhammer the skeleton closed with the fighting-men. Before his line of sight was blocked by the ensuing melee Fen Sen tried to score a hit with a thrown dagger but was disappointed when his effort did nothing but clatter off the far wall. As the warriors engaged the skeleton in close combat he hung back wondering if his remaining spell (another sorcerous slumber) would have any affect on the undead creature. The three warriors traded blows with the skeleton, with Gloin suffering several damaging hits and Galathos losing his pole-arm as the ranseur was cracked in half by the skeleton after getting lodged in its ribs. With Gloin having to withdraw from combat to let Fen Sen bandage up some of his wounds Dantry and Galathos continued their barrage on the skeleton, eventually causing enough damage to bring the foul creature down. After claiming the necklace and the hammer as their own, the party rifled through the sand pile but found nothing else.

Feeling very fortunate that they had managed to amass a nice sum of treasure, and not having any way of restoring Gloin’s health, the party retreated back through the Storage Rooms to the main staircase back up to the surface and back to town. In the common room of the Green Dragon Inn the next morning the party was delighted to hear from Fen Sen that he had discovered that the hammer and the arrow were magical. Toasting their success the four adventurers make their way out of the Inn in their own directions with some preparations to take care of before their next trip and vowed to each give Old Man Halgron a hard time at dinner that night, assuming of course that the priest’s superiors allowed him out of the temple.

Coin: 192 gold pieces, 170 silver pieces, 88 copper pieces
KIA: 2 giant poisonous snakes, 9 goblins, silver skeleton
Treasure: “magical” warhammer, “magical” arrow, 9 sticks of incense and wooden box, 6 bone dice, 6 small painted wooden blocks, small vial with hot red liquid, chunk of smoked fish, split dried peas, 10 gummy candies; Sold (425 gp): gold necklace, 2 daggers, 2 short swords, 1 pick, 2 short bows, silver candelabra, silver and costume jewelry necklace, quiver, 24 giant snake eggs, non-magical rusty dagger
Rooms Explored: 7 (78 Total)
Experience: 410 each (1640 total)

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