Saturday, November 13, 2010

The One True Resurrection

In my previous post on Clerics and magic in the EMP, I didn't pick out any spells in particular to focus on. When I get back on track and start going through the rule book in order again, I will address spells at that time. However, there is one issue that would fit better here and now.

Raise Dead

Without the Resurrection, Christianity doesn't really exist. If anyone could be raised from the dead, than Christianity doesn't really exist either. I hope this is obvious.

So there has only been 1 resurrection, THE Resurrection. The ability to raise the dead is explicitly off limits, unless you are the Son of God.

This will have implications for this campaign as a game setting. Without the ability to raise a high level character, the game has taken on a distinctly new feel. I will come back to this theme throughout constructing both the world and the rule set in order to make some tweaks.

But for now, it stands at NO Raise Dead.

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