Monday, October 11, 2010

EMP: Section 1 Characters - Human

Well, no inspiration has struck me lately regarding my racial issues, so I will go ahead and move on to Humans.


Since this campaign has removed level and class limits from races, Humans lose their only advantage. They will be compensated accordingly:

*Human characters may ignore a single ability requirement for the purposes of determining eligible class.

So this change accomplishes two design goals. First, it gives Humans their traditional class advantage in terms of more easily achieving the rare classes. For instance, there will be a lot more Human paladins than any other race since Humans won’t need a 17 Charisma. Second, it opens up the wacky class combinations that are allowed under this free form system. Instead of just reliably multi classing the standard 4 classes, players have a fair chance at being able to multi-class a Paladin and Wizard or maybe a Thief/Fighter/Druid, for example, without having to find a Leprechaun before they roll their stats.

Game Lore

Human History.

Perfectly succinct and detailed.  :)

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