Wednesday, October 6, 2010

S&W White Box: Recap; Session 15, 10/4/10

Well, this is session 15 and the last report I have up is from #12. That's how long I've been absent from the weekly gaming sessions... Plus our usual recap writers have either been busy with work or missed a session here or there. Read on, this recap is a big one. I'm sorry I missed it!

Session Fifteen (10.04.10)

The story is rejoined with the party, having deciding that rather than letting the Bloody Axe orcish host pass unmolested on their way to a meeting with the Flesh Render hobgoblins and raiding their territory while they were gone, the smarter move was to ambush the orcs. And despite losing Kritiquar their hobgoblin guide and the hired soldier in the ensuing skirmish they pressed on in the direction in which they believed lay the orcish lair.

Arriving in a domed room they found about a dozen shady forms clustered in the upper eaves. Curiosity getting the better of them, Galathos the Swordsman fired a lit arrow into the center of the forms awakening a dozen giant bats. With half the bats swarming, the party retreated to the passageway with Galathos suffering a bat latching onto him. Old Man Halgron the Priest of St. Cuthbert deftly used his morning star to knock the blood-sucking creature off of the Swordsman’s neck. Finishing off the rest of the angry bats the party left the rest alone and continued on.

Sensing their vulnerability the adventurers pushed on, using the scrap of a map given to them by the hobgoblin chieftain. Passing up doors beyond which they heard only silence they quickly moved deeper into the orcish held area of the dungeon level. With their heads spinning over thoughts of what the “treasure” room indicated on the map contained they felt secure that they had eliminated most of the tribe, perhaps leaving behind just the Bloody Axe chief and his guards.

Finally reaching the marked entrance to the orcish lair they found themselves faced with a long corridor extending beyond the light of their lantern the brash Swordsman again fired a lit arrow into the darkness. As the arrow sailed down the corridor its light revealed an orc peering out from around an open door which he promptly ducked back behind and shut. Brother Samuel the Adept of St. Cuthbert tossed a torch down the hallway as his compatriots charged towards the closed door. With Halgron guarding the rest of the passageway and Samuel taking rear guard, Galathos cracked open the door and tossed in a torch. Seeing an empty room with no other discernable exits where there should be at least one orc, the party entered the room and searched for hidden portals. Finding none, they continued on further into the Bloody Axe territory.

Busting through a door the party found themselves in a large room filled with orcish females and young. With Galathos standing guard looking back down the corridor, Samuel and Halgron began exterminating the women and children ignoring the second door out of the room. The two clerics turned away from their work once Galathos called out that there were more orcs coming up from the party’s rear. After releasing two arrows off down the corridor the party met the oncoming orcs. With the brash Swordsman pushing his way down the corridor the Adept and the Priest were left to deal with the very large specimens of orcs that begin pouring out of the neglected door. Thinking quickly Samuel and Halgron met the orc warriors as they came through the door.

As the warrior mopped the corridor up with the peons the two clerics were holding their own against the orcish brutes but found themselves gradually becoming overmatched. With the tide of battle turning against Brother Samuel and Old Man Halgron Galathos finished up and rushed to their aid. Unfortunately the brash and fiery Swordsman only arrived just in time to join his companions, the bookish Adept (who coincidentally possessed many of the same qualities as the missing Conjurer) and the aged and often morally corrupt Priest, in defeat under the hefty flail of the mighty Bloody Axe orc chieftain and his sergeants.

Thus ends the story of Galathos the Swordsman, Old Man Halgron the Priest of St. Cuthbert, and Brother Samuel the Adept of St. Cuthbert. Their companion Gloin the Dwarven Warrior last saw them heading out of the Free City of Greyhawk in search of adventure down on the third level of the dungeons below Castle Greyhawk.

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