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S&W White Box: Recap; Session 15, 10/4/10 SUPER SECRET PART 2

There's more! You might want to read the first part before going further...

So the last session was a TPK. In true old school fashion, new characters were rolled up and the delve continued. Some time had passed in game, so things were a little different...

Session Fifteen and A Half (10.04.10)
Starday the 1st of Readying, CY 577

Cast of Characters
Ithraides the Seer (2nd level Magic-User)
Larsson the Dwarven Warrior (2nd level Fighting-Man)
Tomas Akquinas the Adept (2nd level Cleric)
MIA: Gloin the Dwarven Warrior (2nd level Fighting-Man)

With the wild tales of the adventures of Old Man Halgron the Priest, Galathos the Swordsman, and Brother Samuel the Adept still whirling about town months after their demise three new-comers to the Free City of Greyhawk soon find themselves sitting in the common room of the Green Dragon Inn, which they had heard was the epicenter of the discussion of the famed dungeons below Castle Greyhawk.

They had initially come to the Green Dragon in hopes of meeting Gloin the Dwarven Warrior, the only surviving member of the lost adventuring party. Although there seemed to be some minor questions as to the significance of the part he himself played in the adventures, Gloin had been doing his best to spread the tales of he and his adventuring buddies about town. And his tales did indeed spread throughout the city, with each telling growing more and more far-fetched, particularly late in the evening when the dwarf was heavy into his cups of ale. Perhaps that is why the dwarf could never recollect what had happened to the other surviving party member, his former companion Fen Sen the Conjurer. The dwarf’s faulty memory served to infuriate one listener in particular, a rather unsavory looking individual who favored dark clothing. This particular listener wasted much coin (coin that was most likely not his own) in plying Gloin with drink after drink in hopes of determining the location of the Magic-User. Clearly the individual eventually gave up as he stopped coming to the dwarf’s soirees.

Having just made their way to the Free City of Greyhawk from their own corners of the Flaeness now that spring had come to the area our new cast of characters, having met each other over cold drink, warm food, loud boasts, expensive games of chance, and cheap women formed a new adventuring group. They promised each other that they would succeed where the former party had failed. Ithraides the Seer, Larsson the Dwarven Warrior, and Tomas Akquinas the Adept would leave on the morrow to test their mettle in the dungeons below the Castle Greyhawk. Despite their bravado they each secretly hoped that Gloin the Dwarven Warrior would return to the Green Dragon Inn sometime that night so they could entreat him to join them in their expedition. However, such was not their luck this time.

Arriving at the upper works of the Castle Greyhawk they found the state of the castle to be more ruinous than Gloin’s stories had led on. And, they found no indication of the band of dwarves keeping watch over the central staircase. They thought to themselves that perhaps the dwarf doth exaggerate. So they moved quickly to the main staircase and descended into the darkness. Coming to the first landing, marked “the Storage Rooms” they noted that the doors were sealed and emblazoned with a yellow diamond-shaped sign with a black stylized figure on it with a shovel. Examining it closely, they further noted that the figure didn’t look to have been quite designed to depict a human but no one could put their finger on exactly how.

Continuing on, they descended to the second landing marked “the Deep Cellars”. At this landing the party exited the stairwell and carefully made their way north and then east down the corridor. Eventually coming to an odd doorway that was only 3.5’ high, the Dwarven Warrior strode through the tiny door and found himself in a cramped room with a ceiling only 4’ off the ground. Crossing the room to a second tiny door, the dwarf ushered his fellow adventurers in (they proved to have much more difficulty in traversing the room). On the far side the party emerged into a proper sized corridor that led them to a darkened chamber, one that was so dark no light could penetrate it. Apparently having been elected the point man, the dwarf made his way around the shadowy chamber feeling his way in the darkness. Finding naught but a stairwell leading up the party moved on back through the corridor.

They next came to a room containing countless glass jars sitting on shelves. All of the shelves looked empty and unremarkable save one that was shrouded by a cloth. Again showing no fear Larsson strode across the room and ripped the cloth off the jar revealing what appeared to be nine eyeballs floating in a liquid. Pulling the top off the jar and fishing an eyeball out, the dwarven explorer noted that the eyeball was in fact a gem. Pocketing their first treasure of the expedition they continued on into a smaller (scary) room with clown mosaics. After Larsson and Ithraides debated on whether to pry pieces of the mosaic off they chose discretion and again moved on.

Coming to a door the dwarf yanked it open spilling two skeletons out of a closet-like chamber. The two skeletons creaked themselves upright as Tomas the Adept pulled forth his holy symbol and caused the undead creatures to recoil backwards away from the party. Quickly dispatching the skeletal warriors they claimed a silver-hilted long sword and investigated their surroundings. They turned back from the mold ridden chamber and headed back north towards a metal door they had previously passed up. Forcing the odd door up into the ceiling, the party found…

Coin: none
KIA: 2 skeletons
Treasure: 9 “eyeball” gems, silver-hilted long sword
Experience: 13 each (39 total)

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