Monday, January 31, 2011

Obligatory Still Alive Post

Yea, still alive. It's the usual song and dance, too much going on personally and professionally to keep the blog going at a good pace since the New Year. Hopefully it gets better soon.

A few things in the (mental) pipeline:

  • Flesh out a mechanic describing charges as an attack on morale.
  • Tweak the firearms a little, addressing a few concerns and expanding how they interact with other D&D staples like magic.
  • Start developing some expansions to the combat system, namely a uinified mechanic to resolve special attacks (like disarms or trips) and adding some characteristics to weapons (like the Armor Penetration mentioned for firearms).
  • Expand the non-weapon proficiencies from standard AD&D/LL, adding concrete effects and expanding the selections available.
  • Go back and clean up the race posts and start going through the rule book section by section again.

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