Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Thanks For Doing My Work For Me

In my long term planning for developing this campaign, I was going to take the Labyrinth Lord .pdfs and mark them up with all the changes and house rules integrated into an electronic file. Then I could print out a couple copies of the player sections, a couple copies of the spell sections, etc. I was playing around with the .pdf in Acrobat and quickly found out that I lack any real editing skills and would have to live with a shitty end result. Thankfully, Goblinoid Games put out a word document version of the text of its books. Being able to directly edit the text in a word document should save me about a metric shit tonne of work when I get to that point.

Sure, it will be just a plain text document, but better than a .pdf that looks like a ransom note made from magazine clippings.

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