Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Kobolds in Pagan Communities

Kobolds are helpful, somewhat mischievous house spirits that protect the homes of pagan believers. For Christian people who still cling to old pagan rituals and beliefs, kobolds tend to be mostly unseen, helping with household tasks or cleaning after the home is asleep. However, for those people who resisted Christianity, especially at the price of blood, and retained their pagan beliefs, kobolds play a much more direct role. In this case, kobolds manifest directly to their believers and help them not only maintain their livelihood but to also ward off foes.

No. Encountered:  1 per household (1 per 25 people in settlement)
Movement:  60'
Size:  Very Small (two feet)
Armor Class:  7
Hit Dice:  1 (d4)
Attacks:  1
Damage:  1d2 or small weapon
Special Attacks:  Cantrips
Special Defenses:  Invisibility, See Below
Save:  Thief 1
Morale: 6
Treasure:  None

Kobolds are house spirits and are rarely seen by the inhabitants of a home. Kobolds perform minor labor within the home and expect a payment of food and beer left out over night in return. For devout pagan households, especially those of persecuted people, kobolds play an active role.

Kobolds may manifest themselves as a child, a small stout human-like being, or even an object or small animal. They may also turn invisible at will. They use these abilities to spy on enemies of the home or village they protect and to cause mischief, such as cutting open backpacks, snuffing torches, or stealing items left unattended. Kobolds may also create small magic affects similar to a cantrip once every minute.

Kobolds avoid direct combat, only able to defined themselves by striking with their small fists or a kitchen knife. They are immune to damage from normal weapons and may only be hurt by magic and magic weapons. A kobold that is brought to zero hit points does not die, rather, they return to an incorporeal form for 1d4 turns. Destroying the home that a kobold resides in will drive the spirit away to look for a new home. They may only be destroyed with an exorcism rite, but there have been stories of kobolds chasing priests from a home instead. Other stories are told that kobolds would leave this world if no longer believed in.

Kobolds may also be found within mines or on sailing vessels.

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