The 17th Century

Similar to the Major Rule Departures page, here's a sort of table of contents detailing the world. It includes both the actual history and historical reality that makes it into the game, plus the fantasy tropes as they are grafted onto ye olde Earth. The list will be updated as the game world takes shape.

In general, the World Building tag captures all of these posts and more.

Not much work done here yet. I reviewed an excellent gaming supplement that tackles the issue and I may use a similar approach as my foundation.

Fantasy Races
Each post detailing the standard races has some lore in it about their place in the world. I'm proud of the post on Elves and plan on going back to change all the lore to be more dynamic and less generic.
A simplified and condensed selection of firearms for gaming.

Fertile ground here, I have only broken that ground with a discussion on divine casters and raise dead in the 17th century, plus some very cursory thoughts about the cosmos and deities.

The Undead
The undead are re-imagined in the 17th century as a manifestation of human fears and to make them a fresh foe for players and characters alike.