Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Early Modern Period: Introduction and Required Reading

I've decided to develop a historical fantasy campaign set in the early 17th century. Not like I have any plans to run this thing any time soon, but researching and building are fun in itself. The Early Modern Period (EMP) campaign will be a blend of historical realism and D&D fantasy. My "source books" will be scholarly, consisting of research into the time period. The creative side will be implementing the fantasy elements into a (hopefully) coherent and fun setting.

For reference, my primary sources are the Seventeenth-Cen​tury Europe, Second Edition: State, Conflict and Social Order in Europe 1598-1700 (Palgrave History of Europe) by Thomas Munck, The Thirty Years War: Europe's Tragedy by Peter H. Wilson, and Pike and Shot Tactics: 1590-1660 by Keith Roberts. I'm sure that body of work will expand over time. There are also plenty of other resources sprinkled throughout the net, but the authoritative research will only be in published scholarly works.

I plan on using Labyrinth Lord (LL) with the Advanced Edition Characters (AEC), so essentially 1st edition rules. I'll get started with world building and rule building by going through the LL books section by section and develop the rules and setting holistically. That should provide a strong framework going forward.

Feel free to leave any comments or ask any questions!

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