Monday, September 6, 2010

S&W White Box: Recap; Session 13, 8/30/10

Here's a session I did make. It's been two delves now that the party has come up short on EXP and gold while facing heavy fighting. Hopefully, that big haul is just around the corner...

Sunday the 2nd of Flocktime, CY 576

Cast of Characters
Galathos the Swordsman (3rd level Fighting-Man)
Gloin the Dwarven Warrior (2nd level Fighting-Man)
Old Man Halgron the Priest of St. Cuthbert (3rd level Cleric)
“Willim” the hired lantern-bearer/porter
Unnamed hobgoblin brave
Unnamed hobgoblin brave
MIA: Brother Samuel the Adept of St. Cuthbert (2nd level Cleric) 

Readying themselves for conflict the party stepped past the southernmost pit and…peered down the southern corridor. Not detecting any orcish presence they decided to head west down a long corridor that doubled back east. As they marched along Gloin realized that the corridor they were following was set at a slight but steady and prolonged incline. With Galathos mapping their progress they quickly realized that something odd had happened. The corridor they were following should have brought them back to where they had been, but instead was leading them to foreign territory. Confused, they re-traced their steps and decided to investigate the sloping passageway at a later time. After all, they were charged with attacking the Bloody Axe orc tribe in exchange for the favor of the Flesh Render hobgoblins.

At this point they headed east, stopping to investigate a room in which they found nothing of value and then continued north. After passing a set of stairs descending into the darkness they came to what one of their hobgoblin companions described as the territory of “bull men”. Their guides told them that the area was very dangerous and that the tribe kept away from the “bull men”. Realizing that their companions would not continue on in that direction they turned back and went east back at the room they had explored. They discovered that once again their path took them to the “bull men” where they turned back towards the intersection with the pit traps.

Apparently, their presence had been noted and by this time the Bloody Axe orcs were waiting for the party. As the adventurers turned the corner of the corridor they were following they were ambushed by five orcs. In the confines of the corridor the melee was quick and deadly, with the adventurers besting the orcs but losing one of the hobgoblin braves in the process to friendly fire (taking Galathos’ ranseur in the neck brought about an end to his short career). After regrouping, the party continued into the adjacent room which contained a series of brass levers and bells and a second door. Leaving the odd items alone they focused on the other door exiting the room. Listening at the door, Galathos and Gloin were able to hear the sound of footsteps echoing in a corridor.

Busting through the doorway they came to a split corridor with a group of orcs facing them from each side. A prolonged battle ensued, with Galathos and Old Man Halgron taking on the first group of orcs and Gloin and the remaining hobgoblin taking on the second group, with Willim the porter trying to stay out of harm’s way.  Eventually the battle came to an end, with the bruised and bloodied adventurers defeating the eight Bloody Axe warriors. Noting the courage and skill that the hobgoblin brave had demonstrated in battle, and in recognition of a particularly lucky and brutal strike that turned the tide of the battle the party christened the hobgoblin “Kritiquar”, a name that the humanoid seemed to greatly enjoy.

As the party was licking its wounds, the porter came under fire by an orcish archer from the room they had cleared. Pulling the unnarmed servant safely out of the line of fire, the party met the orcs in the doorway where they eventually managed to bring them down. After looting the bodies of their meager possessions and bundling up weapons to sell back in town the party returned to the main staircase. Sending Kritiquar on his way back to the territory of the Flesh Renders, the party ascended to the surface.

Coin: 8 gold orbs, 20 silver nobles, 50 copper commons
KIA: 16 orcs
Treasure: 30 gp worth of sundry orcish equipment
Experience: 86 each (258 total)

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