Sunday, September 19, 2010

EMP: Section 1 Characters - Halfling


Requirements, Ability Modifiers, and Ability Min/Max are all by the book.

Racial Characteristics are the same as the LL version, with the following changes:

* Halflings may disappear in the wilderness and Hide in Shadows on a 5-in-6 chance with suitable outdoor cover. Halflings receive a +1 to Hide in Shadows when underground. There are no further modifications to Skills.

* Halflings receive no modification to initiative rolls (initiative will be covered in a future section).

* Halflings recieve +1 to attack with missile weapons

* Halflings gain a 2 point advantage to Armor Class when facing creatures greater than human sized. [We can incorporate the hit point rule to define these creatures as anything with a HD type greater than a D8.] [The decisions about ascending or descending armor class has not been made yet, so the wording on the AC bonus remains vague. But the absolute value is set].

* Halflings may only speak their native tongue unless they have exceptional intelligence or are taught another language.

* Halflings receive +2 to DEX saves, +4 to CON saves, and +4 against any magical effect (not cumulative with the prior two saves).

Game Lore

Halfling civilization took form in Iberia and they are believed to be the first creatures living there even before Human migration. These diminutive people quickly spread out from their homelands and established themselves as wanderers, explorers, traders, and travelers. Filled with a sense of wanderlust, they feel equally at home enjoying good times in their hillside homes or enjoying all that the world offers.

Halflings have been pervasive in Human history. Halfling traders brought first brought grain from Egypt into Rome, were a economic and cultural link between the Moslem and Christian worlds, traveled the Silk Road with Marco Polo, sailed with Columbus to the New World, and are keen on penetrating the interior of Africa. Their influence is so far and wide that the Halfling language is practically the lingua franca for traders, explorers, and diplomats far from home.

Halflings are found in nearly any profession that offers them the opportunity for good riches or a good adventure. Despite being small in stature, they have been known to show great strength and ingenuity when underestimated.

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