Thursday, September 9, 2010

EMP: Section 1 Characters - Dwarf


Requirements, Ability Modifiers, and Ability Min/Max are all by the book.

Overall, I am not going to change races much from their fantasy norms and established LL rule set. The only flavor changes will be to incorporate and locate them with the pseudo historical Early Modern Period.

Racial Characteristics are the same as the LL version, with the following changes:

*Dwarves retain their "2 in 6 (1-2 on 1d6) chance of detecting traps, false walls, hidden construction, or noticing if passages are sloped." This ability is only applicable in dungeons, castles, and other buildings and constructions. There are no other adjustment to skills.

*Dwarves may only speak the Dwarven language unless they have exceptional intelligence or are taught another language.

*There are only going to be 3 saving throws, based on Constitution, Dexterity, and Wisdom. [I am throwing around names for them in my head, for now I will just refer to them as CON DEX and WIS saves.] Dwarves receive +2 to DEX saves, +4 to CON saves, and +4 against any magical effect (not cumulative with the prior two saves).

Game Lore

In ancient times, Dwarves lived around most of the Mediterranean world outside of the early Human empires in Egypt and Mesopotamia. With the rise of Etruscan, Carthaginian, and Grecian tribes, some Dwarves integrated with the emerging human civilizations and others migrated through northern Europe and into Eurasia and over the Ural Mountains.

Those who stayed enjoyed good relations with their human neighbors, engaging in commerce and trade. Many early engineering feats accomplished at this time were with the help of Dwarven knowledge. As the Human Mediterranean peoples grew and clashed, Dwarves were eventually pushed out and away. The final blow came with the end of the Roman Republic and the dominance of the Roman Empire and its eventual acceptance of the Christian faith, over 1000 years ago.

Dwarven people are a tough and adaptable folk and find pride in making their homes in inhospitable lands to call their own. Most major Dwarven settlements today are found in the Atlas Mountains and escarpments of North Africa, the cold northern mountain climes of Scandinavia, the Caucasus region around the Black Sea, and the Ural and trans-Ural areas. While old enmities have died down, most Dwarves are still apt to live in their close knit, isolated communities.

The adventurous types are found scattered across Europe, Asia, and Africa, plying their respective trades. While a gruff and surly people in general, their skills are appreciated by many.

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