Wednesday, September 1, 2010

My Stack Is Bigger Than Yours

We moved our game night to Tuesday to accommodate changing work schedules and as a result we are sharing Games HQ with 3 (!) other groups. I will only make 1 comment when comparing tables:

On our table, we each have a little 25 page digest sized booklet of Swords and Wizardry and the DM has 3 hardcover AD&D books. Each PLAYER at the other tables had more than our entire group, including 2-3 different players handbooks and source books. One person walked in with his hands cupped at his waist and books stacked up to his chin.

It's definitely not the size of the stack, but how you use it!


  1. One of the reasons I moved away from d20 is that eventually I realized that for all the options the game has, most of them don't do a whole lot. Most of its is along the lines of , add 2 to your dice roll when doing this, attack an extra time with this weapon ect.

    The skills and feats really only offered more options to the fighter and thief. Outside of that, they just more stuff to keep track off.

  2. Yea, there are so many things wrong with pumping out source book after source book with a never ending array of feats, skills, classes, etc, one comment couldn't cover it all.

    Ultimately, what is the purpose of having so many books? It is not practical to use them in game and it seems like a lot of wasted money and effort if you are only using them during character generation and leveling up.

    Maybe it is something to read while you are waiting for your turn to come around? Ya know, after everyone else has gone through their myriad of feats, free actions, move-equivalent actions, at-will powers, quick actions, and done all the math...